Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Clinging Juniper

Clinging Juniper by Joyce Wycoff
There is something about vistas. Being able to see the whole picture, the mountains miles away as well as the grasses at my feet.

There is also something about close-ups. Seeing the tiny details of beauty, the veins in a flower, the fragile mesh of a dragonfly's wing.

The longing to put both of those together led me to create a "both/and" approach. The big picture vista and a close-up of the detail.

This juniper was found outside Bridgeport near the incredible Travertine Hot Springs. Junipers fascinate me with their ability to grow almost anywhere. While playing with a variety of Photoshop techniques and filters, I also wanted to maintain the sense of fragility of life combined with toughness of spirit.

Available in various sizes printed on dye-infused aluminum, ready for hanging.

Example: 12"x18" $165 plus shipping. Feel free to contact me with questions.

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