Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice by Joyce Wycoff
 Off the Wall Moving Sale:  I'm off to Mexico and this piece doesn't get to go.  My loss, your gain. $125, free shipping. 42" square, 5 pieces, printed on metal. Light and easy to hang.

In a time when dinosaurs walked the earth, ammonites swam through the seas in their chambered shells.   

66 million years ago, a meteor struck the Yucatan peninsula and devastated 80% of life on earth wiping out the dinosaurs and the ammonites.  An event, however, that left space for the emergence of mammals ... us.

Ammonites are the most commonly found fossil and are prized for their spiral shape and, sometimes, their colorful opalized shells.
This unique and dramatic piece consists of five separate pieces on dye-infused aluminum which are float mounted 1/2" from the wall to create a clean, contemporary look.  
When the pieces are separated by a 1" border, it creates a 42" square and becomes a signature piece for your home or office.

Available in various sizes printed on dye-infused aluminum, ready for hanging.

Example: 42"x42"  $1,325 plus shipping.
Fire and Ice by Joyce Wycoff
Also available as a single piece in varying square sizes.

Example: 16" x 16" $195 plus shipping.

Also available on striking Vivid Satin material. With no frame needed, they float away from the wall for a modern gallery look. (Available only in 16" x 16".)

Feel free to contact me with questions. 
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