Thursday, June 30, 2016

There's Always One

On a sparkling fall day in Nevada City, CA, I followed a colorful trail through the winding residential streets.

Maples, of course, shouted the loudest with their jaunty, look at me natures.

It shouldn't have been a surprise when I discovered that they were also the ones that wanted to play, to try on new outfits.

Available in various sizes printed on dye-infused aluminum, ready for hanging.

Example: 16"x20" $255 plus shipping. Feel free to contact me with questions.

This is a copyrighted work of art. For permission to use it in any form, please use the contact form on the right.


  1. when you least expect a change, life steps in In answer to your "statement" Enjoy each day with what you want to do and just enjoy.
    Beautiful peaceful leaves...

  2. Thanks, Viv, life always remains a wonder. Hope you are enjoying every moment.