Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Into the Abyss
I take pictures of everything that catches my eye. One day, in Harmony, CA, I walked out behind the glass blowing studio and found a building that had been partially burned. I liked the image and always saw a woman in a long, flowing gown disappearing into the unknown. So I pushed the color a bit and called it "done" and titled it "Into the Abyss."

However, the creative process wasn't done with this image. It kept calling to me, so I played some more ... a lot more ... and it became: "Into the Mystery."

Into the Mystery

Done again ... or so I thought.

When I was invited to submit a poster for
Pacifica Graduate Institute's "Pondering Peace in a
World of Turmoil," this image knocked on the door
and wanted to play some more.

It attracted a lot of words and became:
"Pieces of Peace."

I have to wonder where it will go next.
Pieces of Peace

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