Sunday, July 23, 2017



Years ago my friend ReAnn Scott, an amazing world traveler, and I went to San Francisco where she wanted to see a museum show on Gaultier, the designer. I didn't really want to go. She's a clothes person and I'm not. I barely knew who Gaultier was but did remember that he designed Madonna's  cone bra, not an accomplishment that impressed me much. Reluctantly, I went.

OMG! It was the most fabulous exhibit I've ever been to. Not only were his designs completely outrageous and beautiful, but the exhibit itself was technologically amazing. The mannequins talked. Their mouths even moved and they had expressions. It was all done with cameras, but it made my head spin. I took hundreds of pictures and the two sisters in the image above came from that exhibit.

The lesson I learned was to notice my resistance and do it anyway. Over the years since then I've often noticed that if I will just do what I was resisting, gifts are waiting.


Thursday, July 20, 2017

I saw a bird

I saw a bird
One year I wrote several micro stories, less than 50 words each. This one prompted a piece of art.

“I saw a bird,” she said.
“In the maple out back?” he asked.
“Yes. It was carrying a bit of straw for its nest.”
“Spring,” he stated.
“My last,” she sighed.
He slipped her hand into his and held tight.

Oh, how I love color!

Color, Color, Color!
Celebrating color, a passion that drives my art.

Shattered Dreams

An image of an apparently abandoned house outside Monterey, California, haunted me and led to this image.

Coming Together

Coming Together
Images from beach, foothills and lakesidecome together in a celebration of the beauty of different landscapes.

Featuring: Pismo Beach and Nevada City, California with Ajijic, Mexico.


I am not only grateful for being able to live a creative time, I'm grateful for the new technique for creating internal texture discovered during the creation of this image.

Message on a Bowl

Message on a Bowl
Playing with a common, household object.

Or Does It Explode?

Or Does It Explode?
The photo of this young man was taken by me at a public event in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico. His brooding look reminds me of Langston Hughes’ poem “Dream Deferred” which ends with the title line. 

So many young people are being left behind by technology and a world moving too fast. What will they do with their pent up anger and frustration?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sea Protectors

From a ceramic piece found in Ajijic, MX, artist unknown, through a table found in the house where I was staying.

When they began to play, a deep feeling of reverance for our seas began to come forth.  We all need to be Sea Protectors.